Animal Transfer Driver

RSPCA - Cairns

  • Location: Stratford QLD
  • Category Animal Welfare

Suitable for

  • Travelling Volunteers
  • People Learning English
  • Skilled Volunteers
  • Centrelink Volunteers
  • Work Experience


Regular - less than 6 months

Time Required

- We are looking for drivers who can volunteer on a regular basis, and those who can do on-call driving. - Please be aware that due to the nature of this role we ask you to be flexible to an extent with your shift time – it can be difficult to judge the length of a particular trip due to changing traffic and weather conditions - We request a minimum commitment of one shift per week for a minimum of 3 months.


Orientation and animal training will be provided


  • Driver's Licence (C)

- Be a courteous and considerate driver
- Confidence in driving a large van and/or towing a trailer.
- Good communication skills
- Hold a clean, manual open drivers license
- Sound driving skills and the ability to cope in traffic
- Physically fit and able to lift 10kg
- Good animal handling skills

As part of volunteering with us you will be required to purchase an RSPCA Volunteer T-shirt for $30. It is also a requirement that before handling animals at the RSPCA you have an up to date Tetanus vaccination.

If you are passionate about animal welfare and looking for a rewarding volunteer role then perhaps consider becoming a driver for us. Being a large organisation, responsible for the care of over 50,000 animals annually, we are looking for reliable individuals to help transport both domestic and wild animals locally and regionally, and help with other tasks, such as collecting donated food.

Every day we need assistance moving animals between campuses, pounds facilities, rehoming centres, vet surgeries and carers. You would be provided with all the necessary equipment, including an RSPCA vehicle, during your shift.

The position involves transporting wildlife and domestic patients as required and includes:

- Significant driving around the greater Cairns area, using an RSPCA vehicle.
- Transporting animals between animal care centres
- Collecting and transporting animals from vet clinics back to animal care centre

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