Kitchen Supervisor/Cook

Marlin Coast Meals On Wheels Inc.

  • Location: Trinity Beach QLD
  • Category Community Services

Suitable for

  • Skilled Volunteers


Regular - more than 6 months

Time Required



  • Driver's Licence (C)

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

- Appropriate qualifications and/or experience in the provision of meals in a commercial capacity E.g. Food Safety Supervisor Certificate or equivalent
- Ability to communicate effectively verbally and deal professionally with the staff, volunteers and client
- Menu planning experience
- Knowledge of Food safety Requirements
- Ability to operate all foodservice equipment
- Good working knowledge of Meal Management Programs
- Ability to multi-task and/or switch job duties quickly
- Experience in providing a high level of stakeholder service
- Good written and verbal communication skills
- The ability to work as a member of a multi-disciplinary, collaborative team
- The ability to plan, work and manage time with minimal supervision
- Be an enthusiastic and outcome focused team player
- Be a positive influence on the organisation’s culture

Role and Responsibilities:

- Conduct and supervise the Meals on Wheels kitchen operations efficiently and effectively
- Supervise and train kitchen staff and volunteers in their duties
- Prepare all meals in accordance with dietary requirements and ensure meal presentation is of a high standard
- Undertake menu planning in consultation with the Service Manager/Management Committee
- Ensure adequate stock is maintained at all times and continually source out suppliers capable of providing best quality products at a reasonable cost
- Ensure Meals on Wheels effectively maximises yield from produce and monitor closely average meal cost
- Ensure the standard of work carried out by kitchen staff and volunteers is to an agreed level of satisfaction
- Ensure that all employees and kitchen volunteers are appropriately trained in the safe use and maintenance of kitchen equipment, including the emergency evacuation procedure
- Liaise with the Service Manager/Management Committee on matters affecting the kitchen operations
- Ensure all Food Safety Documents are completed in accordance with the Current Food Safety Standards
- Ensure all operational procedures of the kitchen are in-line with relevant standards and legislation. For example, Food Safety Supervisor Accreditation, First Aid, Fire Safety
- Assist in the development, implementation and review of operational procedures, systems and documentation that are appropriate to the running of the kitchen
- Assist in the implementation and maintenance of procedures impacting on the Meals on Wheels’ kitchen operations. For example, hygiene standards, food handling standards, workplace health and safety, anti discrimination, EEO and CHSP National Standards
- Comply with Quality Assurance Reviews including Workplace Health & Safety and Food Safety Standards Other Requirements
- Adhere to all organisational policies, procedures, standards and practices
- Perform any other function as reasonably directed by the Service Manager/Management Committee

Preferred Skills:

- Thorough knowledge of the methods of preparing meats and vegetables in quantity lots
- Thorough knowledge of the cooking times and temperature of various foods and methods of preserving their flavour and food value
- Thorough knowledge of the principles of personal and food sanitation
- General knowledge of the methods and materials used in the preparation and presentation of healthy nutritious meals (soups, main meals, desserts) including any variations
- General knowledge of cost effective methods to ensure limited wastage
- Ability to estimate food needs for a relatively large number of persons and to requisition needed food items
- Ability to instruct volunteers in proper food preparation and serving methods and to plan effective work methods in a kitchen
- Ability to maintain routine records of food used and quantities needed for varying numbers of persons
- Ability to maintain kitchen and other working areas in a clean and sanitary condition

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