Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Assistant - 4 Dec 2021

St Margaret's Anglican Church, Westcourt

  • Location: Portsmith QLD
  • Category Community Services

Suitable for

  • Younger volunteers, aged 14-18
  • Travelling Volunteers
  • Centrelink Volunteers


Regular - more than 6 months

Time Required

Saturday from 7.30 am to 4 pm.


On the job.

The role involves:
- Wearing closed-in shoes
- Being respectful of the public and fellow volunteers

Depending on role:

- helping to erect the marquees and BBQ, moving and arranging gear
- manning the BBQ to cook onions & sausages
- taking orders from the public, handling money, serving drinks & replenishing drinks in eskies, calling out orders to cook
- placing bread on serviettes, assembling sausage, onion & bread
- placing food on rack on Collection Table, adding sauce as requested by customer
- directing public to entry point; observing that social distancing rules are followed; having alarm on phone set for 60 minutes & signalling volunteers to do hourly clean
- sanitise own work space every hour
- helping to pack unsold items, moving gear to vehicles, cleaning all surfaces of the BBQ/servery, hosing down the ground and dismantling the marquees
Benefits to the volunteer:
- Satisfaction of contributing your time and effort
- A sausage and a drink are complementary to workers

What the volunteer can expect:

- To be treated with courtesy and respect
- To be asked to do only tasks that are within their ability.

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