Videographer (Volunteer)

Frog Safe, Inc.

  • Location: Carmoo QLD
  • Category Environment & Conservation

Suitable for

  • Skilled Volunteers
  • Work Experience


Regular - less than 6 months

Time Required

Any day of the week can be worked out with the volunteer and any hours between 10 am and 5 pm. Schedules are flexible depending on volunteer’s availability and when events need to pull the supervisor away.


Refer: Requirement Description.


Videographer will learn frog conservation issues and how to present them as an educational piece to the public. Working with the President, the volunteer will expand their use of editing programs and scripting.

Anyone looking to have examples of their work for their resumes will be able to use the finished videos as part of their portfolio and gain a local reference to use for job hunting.

A youtube/vimeo channel is all the rage for getting information out. We need to create a channel but need help with creating the videos and uploading. A local high school student or TAFE graduate interested in film making would get great hands-on experience working on our frog conservation videos. Local access is important.

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