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Welcome to FNQ Volunteers Inc.
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Welcome to Volunteering


‘Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain.’

Volunteering Australia’s new definition was launched on the 27th July 2015. The new definition of ‘volunteering’ covers a wide range of activities, including
• formal volunteering that takes place within organisations (including institutions and agencies); and
• informal volunteering (volunteering that takes place outside an organisational setting)
Further information can be found here

Volunteer Standards

The 8 National Volunteers Standards can be found here.

FNQ Volunteers Welcomes You

FNQ Volunteers Inc. welcomes your interest in volunteering. FNQ Volunteers is the main organisation in Far North Queensland that formally connects individuals and the community to volunteering opportunities. We offer potential volunteers a selection of voluntary positions listed with a variety of registered and approved community organisations across the Far North Queensland region. Volunteers bring enthusiasm, energy, added skills and talents. Volunteering gives you hands on experience and provides opportunities to develop new skills and connect with your community or neighbourhood.

This says it all!

The FNQVI Family at the Volunteer of the Year Awards 2017

Oni and Donna at the JCU Market Day stall February 2017

What to do to find a Volunteer Position

  • Check out the volunteer positions listed on our website and contact FNQ Volunteers Inc. to make an appointment to find out more about the positions
  • SEEK Volunteer is a non-profit initiative designed to bring volunteers and the organisations seeking them together
  • Volunteer opportunities are updated weekly
  • If you are not keen on volunteering on your own then perhaps look for a group activity and take along a friend!

Easy Steps to Volunteering

  • Contact FNQ Volunteers Inc. to make an appointment for an interview. Interviews can be in person at our office OR by phone if you live outside the local area of Cairns City OR complete the online expression of interest form and we will contact you
  • One of our friendly Volunteer Referral Officers will discuss your interests and skills. These are then matched with suitable volunteer positions available
  • The Referral Officer will contact the Volunteer Coordinator at a member organisation to set up an appointment to discuss the details of the volunteer position
  • A position description and a letter of introduction will be provided to take to the interview with the organisation
  • Once accepted for the position, the volunteer and the coordinator then decide on rostered days and hours to commence your volunteering
  • FNQ Volunteers follow up with every volunteer and the volunteer coordinator on a regular basis

Sandra and Donna man the FNQVI stall at the Defence Communities Expo 2017

National Volunteers Week in May each year bring together members of the Cairns Community at the Volunteer of the Year Awards.

Each year FNQ Volunteers celebrates International Volunteers Day in conjunction with the staff Christmas Party.


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