Aged Care Volunteer Visitor Scheme – ACVVS

Introducing the ACVVS: Enriching Lives Through Meaningful Connections

A free service funded by the Australian Government

What is the ACVVS?

Imagine a program designed to add a sprinkle of joy to the golden years, where companionship becomes the cornerstone of a fulfilling life.

That’s exactly what the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS) is all about.

In a world where families are scattered and schedules are hectic, our scheme brings together kind-hearted volunteers with seniors seeking a little extra warmth in their lives. It’s an opportunity for a cherished connection, a chance to brighten up their week.

Portrait of young man helping elderly in the garden

Who is the scheme for?

If you’re in need of a friendly face, this program is tailored just for you! 

  • To welcome a volunteer visitor into your life, all you need is to receive a home care package or be on the waiting list for one or reside in a residential aged care facility.
  • Whether you take the first step yourself or are referred by a thoughtful soul who believes you could benefit from regular visits—be it a care provider, healthcare professional, a kind neighbour, or a family member—we’re here to make those meaningful connections happen.
  • We take the time to get to know you, your interests, and passions. This way, we can pair you up with a visitor who shares your interests. Each visit becomes an opportunity for fresh conversations and engaging activities.

What can you expect?

So, what can you expect during these heartwarming visits? (Visits can occur weekly or fortnightly)

  • Enjoying a cuppa and a chat-reminiscing
  • Getting lost in a good book, puzzles, or playing cards
  • Watching a TV show or movie together
  • Listening to music
  • Cooking or gardening together
  • Taking a leisurely stroll and savouring the simple pleasures of nature
  • Getting a helping hand with technology
  • Exploring the world through a video call

Become a volunteer visitor

Brighten an older person’s life by becoming a volunteer visitor.  Here’s what it takes:

  • A heart full of compassion and a minimum of 18 years under your belt
  • Access to transport for those lovely visits
  • Availability for at least one hour every fortnight
  • Willingness to go through our application process, orientation, and any necessary training
  • Completing police checks as required for peace of mind

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.

Become part of the ACVVS family

Join us in creating moments that light up lives. Become a part of the ACVVS family, and let’s make every visit a cherished memory!