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Volunteer Presentation to Trinity Bay HS Students 12 June 2018

Volunteer Presentation to Trinity Bay Sate High school EAL Students

Date: Tuesday, 12th June 2018

Time: 12:00pm-1:40pm

FNQVI Staff: Oni and Cathy

TBSHS EAL staff: Wendy Chiu (EAL/D Coordinator)

There were approximately 17 year 12 students from the English as an Additional Language class undertaking a course that encourages community engagement through active volunteering that were in attendance at the presentation at Trinity Bay State High School.  FNQVI provided an information session and distributed FNQVI promotional materials such as pamphlets, pens and key rings to students.


Oni opened the presentation by providing information about FNQ Volunteers Inc services using a slideshow. He engaged with the students by asking what they thought the following quote meant to them; “Volunteers don’t get paid……not because they are worthless but because they are priceless!” by Sherry Anderson. Oni further expanded on our role as volunteer advocates and our location in Bungalow (next door to the cheesecake shop).

Oni then introduced Cathy L to provided information on what’s involved in signing up with FNQ volunteers Inc to become a volunteer.

Cathy engaged with students by asking if anyone in the room has ever volunteered, one student responded by expressing that the volunteering experience gave him a ‘good feeling’ and he learnt something new.  Cathy discussed that if the other students wanted to gain a similar experience and build networks in the process they can make contact by:

  1. Website, phone call or walk in to see herself or our other lovely Referral Officers
  2. Have an interview
  3. Get to know the Non for Profit organisations to be placed in
  4. NFP organization makes contact with client
  5. Client attends an interview with NFP organisation and begins induction to start volunteering

Examples of volunteer positions available and member organizations were provided during session. Students were given ample time for questions and discussion on the topic. The presentation closed with thank you to staff and students of TBSHS.

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