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Volunteer Presentation Report to TAFE Queensland North Students – 1st Nov 2017

FNQ Volunteer’s Inc. presentation at Tafe North report

Wednesday 1st November 2017


A FNQ Volunteers Inc. information session was organized with the Adult Learning Services; Class Prepare for skills for Education and Employment under the Faculty of Community Services, Tafe North. The participants included AMEP teacher Ursula Baldwin and volunteer teacher aide Mary Potter. There were 15 students from various international backgrounds; some refugees, migrants, including students of Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal descent. The purpose of the information session was to provide information on our volunteer services.

Representatives of FNQ Volunteers were Oni, Loani and Cathy. The presentation was delivered face to face and using slide show aid. Ursula briefed us to use simple words and speak slowing during presentation as students were still learning to speak English and some had endured trauma in their home countries and sought refuge in Australia.

Format used for delivery of volunteer service information:

What is volunteering?

Oni began the information session by introducing the FNQ Volunteer Inc. team. He actively engaged the students by discussing; what is volunteering? Students responded positively with suggestions of paid work and community involvement reasons.

Why Volunteer?

Cathy gave a brief explanation that; there a many reasons on why one would volunteer. However for the purpose of the presentation and meeting the students learning needs, two relevant points were provided:

  1. Pathway to work

– Refreshes skills or abilities already have

– learn new skills and abilities relevant to industry or field they may want to work in

– Network, meet and mix with people that may lead to employment

  1. Personal development/community involvement

– opportunity to gain confidence, self esteem

– rewarding experience working with people in the community from young to old people

– meet & mix and get to know people in the community

Loani delivered core FNQ Volunteer service information face to face and using slide show presentation.

Core points outlined:

  1. Location of FNQ Volunteer Inc.

The new location of FNQ Volunteer Inc. is at Shop D, 377 Mulgrave Road next to the cheesecake shop.

  1. What we do?

The Referral Officer Interview

  1. After a phone call or drop in the initial contact is through an interview to find out your interests and abilities. When you come in we go through the application and help you complete it.
  2. We go through the volunteer positions register with you to find volunteer positions you may be interested in. Gave an example of – Conservation volunteer; this would suit someone who wants to help the environment.

Example 2. Meals on Wheels; deliver meals to elder people

Example 3. Office administration- if you want to work an office the Cairns Museum may be suit you.

Other examples included helping young people at PCYC, marketing, cleaners, bus drivers and community gardeners.

Engaging the students

Loani handed out copies of the volunteer positions sheets and advised students to have a read to see what may be of interest to them.

  1. Once we have look at interested positions the referral officer will try to match you up with a non-profit organization and we pass on your information, then they contact you for an interview.
  2. The non-profit organizations are registered members with the FNQ volunteer Inc.

Loani engaged the students by exploring the statement – “when you think of volunteering; what positives would you get out of volunteering?”
Students actively responded with answers ranging from paid work to confidence to learning new skills. It seems students grasped the information well as there were interests and questions about volunteer positions at the end of the session.

Oni distributed FNQ Volunteer Inc. promotional pens, key rings and brochures. Copies of the slideshow and application form were given to Ursula at the end of the information session.

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