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Volunteer Information Forum for Department of Communities, Disability Services & Seniors

Volunteer Information Forum for Department of Communities, Disability Services & Seniors

Date: Wednesday 18th April

Time: 1:30pm- 4:00pm:

FNQVI Staff: Onisivoro Vuniyaro (Services Coordinator), Cathy Litz (Referral Officer)

 DCDSS Coordinators:  Tony Corby (Team Leader, Innisfail), Lee Storck (Cairns), Valerie (Manager Cairns)


FNQVI presented volunteer information to a  forum of about 50 employees for Department of Communities, Disability Services & Seniors, which was held at the Department of Justice & Attorney General; Northern Outlook Facility, Redlynch.

Other invited guest speakers on the day were present


The forum coordinators had allocated spaces for each invited guest speaker to deliver information of their specific services to cluster groups of 5-10 employees. The rotating 30 minute concurrent sessions commenced at 1:30 pm and cease at 3:40 pm.


FNQVI Information session:

The opening of the volunteer information session for FNQVI was conducted by Oni. The session was delivered using a slide show highlighting the purpose and role that FNQVI carries in the community.  Oni also outlined the:

  • the partnerships we have with member organizations
  • Who they are and what they do, volunteer positions
  • Insurance liability


After the slide show Oni introduced Cathy to explain further the referral process.


  1. Individual makes contact (online, phone or drop in)
  2. Attend appointment at FNQ Volunteers
  3. Interview & introduction to volunteering
  4. Introduction to organization
  5. Interview at organization
  6. Volunteer starts (volunteer induction)
  7. FNQ Volunteers follow up


After the information sessions concluded, all invited guest speakers and participants were invited back the main forum area. Valerie of DCSSS expressed her gratitude on behalf of all with by presenting gifts to all guest speakers.


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