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Volunteer Coordinator Networking and Engagement Meeting
& VEXPO 2018
Summary Notes

Held 18 Oct 2017

Attending Members

Leukaemia Foundation (Annette Jarrett), CentaCare (Yvonne Petrusma), St John’s Community Care (Vanessa Maladakis), Aust. Red Cross (Javier Suarez & Linda Morton), and The Pyjama Foundation (Liz Jorgensen)

Attending FNQVI Staff

Oni (Services Coordinator),  Loani (RO),  Cathy (RO), Maria (Recptionist), Sandra (Receptionist), Evelyn (Membership)


Summary of Discussion

1. Welcome and introduction to members
Oni Vuniyaro opened meeting with a warm welcome to all VCNEM invitees.

2. VEXPO 2018 update

a) Oni invited all to meet, discuss and explore ideas for VEXPO for next year 2018. First workshop will be in February 2018 and all to be informed once date confirmed.
b) VEXPO date has been set for Sunday, 29th July 2018 at TANKS.
c) VEXPO partnering was discussed and clarified re approaching Cairns Regional Council to co-partner with.
d) Annette advised to contact Anita Plos at TAFE North and get 2-3x volunteer students in the Events & Management courses to assist co-ordinating with FNQ Volunteer staff (Loani to make contact)

3. Volunteer management challenges

a) Discussed new volunteer standards.
b) Oni informed that the VCN toolkit developed by Brie has not progressed as anticipated. Have to find and pursue further. All members have not viewed, only Annette and Ann received toolkit.
c) Annette suggested for all members to make an appointment at FNQ Volunteers office and look over toolkit and pick out documents suitable to them. Yvonne stated all members are different and some may have consistent documents in place.
d) Mentoring on ‘how to interview standards’; how to say no.
e) Annette advised to look at the signupgenius.com website and utilise with volunteering in general and events. It has tutorial videos, quicker communication and saves time doing roosters. The administrator can change details and has access to days, time, slots and comment sections. All volunteers signed can access, view and select volunteer positions and times that suits them online.

4. Other issues

• Important to make sure company liability and volunteer insurance current, registration and standards followed.
• Incident reporting steps refresher
• Volunteers can be put off by lots of paperwork involved in process.
• Difficult to keep volunteers when it’s not busy who have been trained.
• Australian Red Cross (Javier) has offered Wellbeing Centre as venue for next VCNEM.

Meeting closed at 12:30pm
Next venue at Red Cross February 2018, date TBA.

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