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DATE: Tuesday 26 March 2019 TIME: 10.00am LOCATION: Venue: Venue: Cairns Disaster Management Centre 61-79 Windarra St Woree

ATTENDEES: Liz Jorgensen-The Pyjama Foundation, Carey Leahy-Cairns Little Theatre, Leanne Bartlett-Animal Care for Seniors at Home, Alicia Jamieson-Tropical Arts, Sioux Campbell-Disaster Management Unit, Irene Johnstone-Tropical Arts, Carolyn Johnson- Cairns Libraries, Mihi Harema- AMEP TAFE, Yvonne Petrusma, Annette Sheppard, Sandra Bolin, Josee Kapalata-FNQVI

APOLOGIES: Kelli Beardsmore-Couch, Patricia Thomas –St Margaret’s, Judith Bowman, Kesa Strieby-Carma, Mariko Molleneaux-Southern Suburbs Support, Mark Farquhar- Cancer Council, Melissa McQuillan- Cairns Historical Society, Alison Worrell, Raelene Perkins- Leukaemia Foundation, Christine Hofman- Story Dogs, Sarah Dart- ARC Disability, Natalee Thorne-Maxima, Dana Delmont –Zonta, Chrissy Giliwicz- Port Douglas Community Services Network

FACILITATOR: Annette Sheppard (President FNQVI)

CONTACT PERSONS: Yvonne Petrusma ;

377 Mulgrave Road. Bungalow. CAIRNS QLD 4870
Phone: (07) 4041 7400.

No. Business Comments/Recommendation Responsible Person
1.0 Welcome Annette Sheppard (Facilitator)
1.1 Apologies Yvonne Petrusma
1.2 Additional Agenda items from the floor Attendees
1.3 Introductions Brief introduction of self, role and organisation

Pyjama Foundation recently held a successful Trivia night, TAFE held Harmony Day event on 21st March wonderful sharing of the many different cultures who study English in the TAFE. Good to share and celebrate diversity so soon after the devastating event in Christchurch.

2.0 Presentation Culture or Chaos? How do we honour the differences?

Snapshot Cultural Practice-discussion diversity in our community, workplace. How cultural impacts on practices- recognising Individual and Collective Cultures. Focus on Self Awareness.


Resources- Workplace Audit-Community Services Skilling Plan-Qld Govt

Information on engaging Indigenous Volunteer-The Cultural and indigenous Research Centre Australia (CIRCA) –  https://www.circaresearch.com.au/

Lily the Volunteer- An Introduction to Volunteering for CALD volunteers-     https://www.ames.net.au/ames-bookshop/lily-the-volunteer

Yvonne Petrusma
3.0 Pop Ups – Update Pop Up mini VExpo – Showcase your organisation

Expressions of Interest PLEASE

Pop Up VExpo 16 May 2019.

Mt Sheridan Plaza– details to be finalised.

Expressions of Interest called for

Thank you to those who have already sent their EOI

Yvonne Petrusma


4.0 Skills Development Deferred to later date
5.0 Risk Management


Deferred to later date

Please give this matter some consideration

prior to the meeting as it will be a practical exercise

Annette Sheppard
6.0 Take Home message from the meeting by attendees * Good forum to share ideas and discuss issues.

* Lots of valuable knowledge in the room.

* Understanding the different goal posts of organisations

– some organisations have paid staff and volunteers others only volunteers.

* Network opportunity.

* Good to volunteer outside of paid work.

* Sharing perception, beliefs, being together sharing our culture

7.0 Disaster Management Centre Tour Thank-you Sioux Campbell for allowing us to go into the operational and logistics hub of the centre.

We now have a deeper appreciation of the work done behind the scenes during an emergency event

Sioux Campbell
8.0 Next meeting Date: 30.04.2019

Time: 10.00am

Venue: Cairns Little Theatre(Rondo)

Yvonne Petrusma

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