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DATE: Tuesday 25th June 2019 TIME: 10.00am
LOCATION: Venue: The Meeting Place COUCH Wellness Centre End of Kauri Street (off Enmore St), Manoora

Irene Johntone, Alicia Jamieson-Tropical Arts,
Carolyn Johnson- Cairns Libraries,
Mihi Harema-TAFE,
Sioux Campbell- Disaster Management Unit,
Kelli Beardsmore, Lee-Anne Forsyth, Michael Woodward,Carmel Thomson-COUCH,
Jo Lynes-Lions
Anne Riley-STEPS,
Liz Jorgensen- The Pyjama Foundation,
Nakura Simiona, Donna McCulloch-The Smith Family,
Niki Biro-Koch Foundation,
Eddie Zahner-Senior Citizens,
Susan Doye, Katrina Gulliver-Centacare,
Sarah Dart-Arc Disability Services,
Yvonne Petrusma & Annette Sheppard-FNQVI,

APOLOGIES: Luke Wenitong-Red Cross, Leanne Bartlett-ACSAH

FACILITATOR: Annette Sheppard (President FNQVI)

CONTACT PERSONS: Yvonne Petrusma
377 Mulgrave Road. Bungalow. CAIRNS QLD 4870
Email: Phone: (07) 4041 7400.

No. Business Comments/Recommendation Responsible Person
1.0 Welcome
1.1 Apologies As above Yvonne Petrusma
1.2 Additional Agenda items from the floor Nil Attendees
1.3 Introductions/Presentation Elevator talk- “Develop your organisational Pitch” An opportunity was given for attendees to practice their organisational pitch. In 5 to 10 words we each made a verbal business card encapsulating the purpose of our organisation. We then moved into developing our elevator pitch relying on 4 key points- Our organisation function; Helps(customers/clients);to become (outcome) so they can (benefit). Some tips from David: – Enthusiasm is contagious, great stories are memorable and facts are soon forgotten. For more information: https://confidenceunlimited.com.au/vexpo/


David Burston-Toastmasters
2.0 VEXpo ·       Bump-in is confirmed on Saturday 27 July 2019 between 2-5pm. Bump-out is scheduled on Monday 29 July between 9-12pm.

·       Posters available to place at workplaces, neighbourhood, community places and flyers to hand out.

·       A WHS briefing has been scheduled with TANKS for 10.00am on Tuesday the 16th July. TANK 3

·       The campaign has begun. Please like and tag on social media. Ads will be run on 4CA and STAR. We also have 2 interviews scheduled. Discussion has also been had with ABC radio and community radio for interview.

·       Big Screen available through the SPACE at TAFE


Yvonne Petrusma
3.0 Pop Ups – Update No update Yvonne Petrusma


4.0 Take Home message from the meeting by attendees
5.0 COUCH Wellness Centre Tour We had the privilege of a tour of the brand new COUCH Wellness Centre facilities. We were able to have a snapshot of the support this centre will give to those who are living with cancer and their families in the future. The development of this wonderful facility set in the forest will be an added benefit to the Cairns Community.

Thank you to COUCH for hosting this month’s VCNEM.


6.0 Next meeting Date: 16th July   Time: 10.00am   

Venue: TANK 3

Collins Ave

WHS briefing VEXpo


Yvonne Petrusma
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