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DATE: Tuesday 20th August 2019 TIME: 10.00am LOCATION: Venue: Cairns City Library

ATTENDEES: Carolyn Johnson – Cairns Libraries,
Antoinietta McBain , Anne Riley – STEPS,
Liz Jorgensen – The Pyjama Foundation,
Ros Anderson – Senior Citizens,
Tanya Burke – ACSAH,
Melissa McQuillan – Cairns Historical Society and Muesum
Javier Suarez – Red Cross Australia
Annette  Sheppard, Yvonne Petrusma –FNQVI

APOLOGIES: Leanne Bartlett-ACSAH, Alicia Jamieson-Tropical Arts, Michael Woodward-COUCH, Kelli Beardsmore-COUCH, Irene Johnstone-Tropical Arts, Sioux Campbell- Disaster Management Unit, Dana Delmont- Zonta, Mihi Harema-TAFE, Lynn Cropp- Cairns Little Theatre

FACILITATOR: Annette Sheppard (President FNQVI)

CONTACT PERSONS: Yvonne Petrusma
377 Mulgrave Road. Bungalow. CAIRNS QLD 4870
Phone: (07) 4041 7400.

No. Business Comments/Recommendation Responsible Person
1.0 Welcome
1.1 Apologies As above Yvonne Petrusma
1.2 Additional Agenda items from the floor Nil Attendees
1.3 Introductions ·       Cairns Libraries- Cairns City Library Meeting room free for incorporated bodies. Seniors Week the CRC hosting a number of events- Positive Aging Fair 23rd August @ Cairns Jockey Club Woree. Homebound Program now has 100 clients being supported fortnightly by 25 volunteers.

·       Pyjama Foundation-National Pyjama Day held in July- local events and Innisfail event. Thurs 22nd August hosting an Awards Night- appreciation night as well as Angel of the Year Award. Training commencing Sunday 9 participants.

·       Red Cross-Space and Place operating in Cairns West in partnership with Council, Schools and Centacare. Activities for children after school include sport, dancing- facilitators supported by volunteers.” In search of Kindness” working group focus on social inclusion.

·       Senior Citizens- completely run by volunteers. Main focus activities Gatton St. Seniors week event being held at Gatton St 21st August.

·       ACSAH- (look to increase promotion.) Care for pets for seniors who are no longer able to look after their pets independently. Dog walking, daily, weekly. Look after animal when client needs to go into hospital.

·       Museum- Seniors Week conducting 11.00am senior tours. Open Family Fun Day- 24th August.

·       STEPS—Skills for Education and Employment. 120 students. 2 streams-long term unemployed and migrant/refugee-LLN/Digital. Foundation Skills 1 and 2. Every class has volunteer one on one reading and writing.  Delivering a Cert 111 Individual Support- supporting students with 120hours placement. Good Employment outcomes 15-20 students per class.

2.0 VEXpo Update Thank you for your participation in the 2019 VExpo.

Questions for discussion and reflection:

·       Did you implement the information from the previous session at the event- “Developing our organisational pitch” –Feedback-At VExpo it was useful in making us conscious that the pitch needs to be succinct, and be aware of eyes glazing over when talking off topic.

·       What value did your organisation receive from participating in the Volunteer Expo?- Exposure to other community groups, opportunity to network, took on new clients, additional volunteers for up and coming training, new volunteers for existing programs.


Additional Feedback:

·       What did we do well,- Media prior to the event, colour on the day, promotion on the day through the cleaning ladies, Meaningful conversations on the day with attendees

·       What can be improved? Transport for attendees – each organisation to look at requirement- parking an issue for those in wheel chairs and with disabilities. Promotion on the day at the TANKS market- increase the visibility in the market. Increase social media traction. Highlight the word free on corflute’s and posters.

·       “Hope to attend 2020 VExpo”



Yvonne Petrusma
3.0 Pop Ups – Update Discussion future Pop-up event October 2019.

·       Venues discussed that have high visibility and public exposure-

1)     Redlynch Shopping Centre- possible venue for October 2019

2)     Mt Sheridan Plaza in 2020

Yvonne Petrusma


4.0 Future Network suggestions Open discussion


·       Purpose of the group to continue as a network opportunity

·       Value add to this opportunity by cross coordinating and using each other as a referral pathway – FNQVI to compile a Resource folder with information re other FNQVI member organisations. Cross coordination to firm up and make each other stronger.

·       FNQVI to conduct a review of member organisations

·       FNQVI referral officers to visit member organisations to gain further insight into the organisation


5.0 Next meeting Date: Tuesday 24th September  

Time: 10.00am   

Venue: Red Cross Well Being Centre


Yvonne Petrusma
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