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DATE: Tuesday 30 April 2019 TIME: 10.00am LOCATION: Venue: Cairns Little Theatre- Greenslopes St

ATTENDEES: Liz Jorgensen-The Pyjama Foundation, Lynn Cropp- Cairns Little Theatre, Alicia Jamieson, Tracey Radford, Irene Johnstone- Tropical Arts, Carolyn Johnson- Cairns Libraries, Alison Worrell- Senior Citizens and St Margarets, Dana Delmont – Zonta, Donna Palmer- Meals on Wheels, Carmel Thompson and Michael Woodward- Couch, Raelene Perkins- Leukemia Foundation, Michelle Phillips- Mercy Place, (client Mercy Place)   Yvonne Petrusma and Annette Sheppard-FNQVI.

APOLOGIES: Natalee Thorne- Maxima, Chrissy Giliwicz- Port Douglas Community Services Network, Sioux Campbell- Disaster Management Unit, Mihi Harema- TAFE, Leanne Bartlett- ACSAH, Pat Thomas- St Margaret’s

FACILITATOR: Annette Sheppard (President FNQVI)

CONTACT PERSONS: Yvonne Petrusma
377 Mulgrave Road. Bungalow. CAIRNS QLD 4870
Email: Phone: (07) 4041 7400.

No. Business Comments/Recommendation Responsible Person
1.0 Welcome Annette Sheppard (Facilitator)
1.1 Apologies As above Yvonne Petrusma
1.2 Additional Agenda items from the floor Nil Attendees
1.3 Introductions Brief introduction of self, role and organisation

Cairns Library Volunteer Role Pack available, homebound library service for those who are unable to access library

Zonta- Worldwide organisation – High Tea June 100 years Zonta details TBA- drink station at Iron man 19 volunteers required

COUCH opening in 1-2 weeks- ironman volunteers required. Will need volunteers across the board.

Meals on Wheels 50 year’s anniversary date TBA.

Senior Citizens- 200 members. Thank you to FNQ volunteers for supplying volunteers for Easter Parade.

Mercy Place- New Standards in aged care – consumer centred.

St Margaret’s Parish- Program supporting young families- Golden Jubilee-50 year’s celebration coming up TBA.

Show at Rondo till Saturday ‘The Chat Room’ (about family dynamics-powerful and relatable) current till Sat 4th.

Leukaemia Foundation looking for volunteers to wrap gifts for Mother’s Day Stockland Earlville.

Pyjama Angels- Work with children in foster care one hour per week minimum 12 months- training coming up.

OOmpah band available entertainment at events contact Tracey

2.0 Presentation

Many thanks to Dana for a worthwhile and relevant presentation

Dana Delmont (ZONTA) – Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health and Self-care

Some tips:

·       Problem shared is a problem halved

·       Boundaries

·       Go easy on yourself

·       Ask for help- delegate

·       Exercise-self care

·       Awareness that grief causes change- thoughts, feeling and actions can be affected

·       As Manager-See the others point of view as well as your own

·       Communication is the key

·       Be adaptable, flexible, stand up for rights

·       Compassion is action.

Yvonne Petrusma
3.0 Pop Ups – Update Pop Up mini VExpo – Showcase your organisation

on track 16th May 10am-6pm. Action: Yvonne to check to see if electrical items require to be tagged

Yvonne Petrusma


4.0 Take Home message from the meeting by attendees Take Home Messages

·       Importance of self-care

·       Learn from success

·       Sometimes best to say nothing

·       Heed own advice

·       Good session to build on existing knowledge

·       Worthwhile-Grant Writing Workshop

·       Thanks

·       Delegate- Give the gift of opportunity for others to contribute.

·       Importance time-out -meditate- build into the day

·       Anger right versus right time- managers, staff

·       1 thing positive everyday-trying new possibilities.

·       Connect with likeminded people

5.0 Rhondo Theatre Grand Tour Tour of the Rondo- informative behind the scenes.


6.0 Next meeting Date: 28 May   Time: 10.00am   Venue:Cairns Historical Society Yvonne Petrusma
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