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DATE: Tuesday 26 February 2019 TIME: 10.00am LOCATION: Venue: TAFE Cairns campus, G Block, room G210

ATTENDEES: Lorraine Koczykkewycz (Bluecare); Deagomie P. Antonijvic (Bungalow Community Garden); Mark Farqouhar (Cancer Council Qld); Lynn Cropp; Paul Haynes (Cairns Little Theatre); Jon Cleary; Donna Halyer (Cairns Meals on Wheels); Nakura March Simioro; Donna McColloch (The Smith Family); Sioux Campbell (Cairns Disaster Management Unit); Irene Johnstone (Tropical Arts Assoc. Inc.) Carolyn Gertig (Cairns Libraries – Friends Co-ordinator); Mihi Harema (TAFE – AMEP Adult Migrant English Prog.); Annette Jarrett (Northern Pride Football); Graham Wilson (Animal Care for Seniors at Home)

APOLOGIES: Sarah Dart-Arc Disability, Melissa McQuillan-Cairns Historical Society, Kesa Strieby-Carma, Deborah-Frog safe, Liz Jorgensen- Pyjama Foundation, Chrissy Gilewicz- Port Douglas Community Service Network,

FACILITATOR: Annette Sheppard (President FNQVI)

CONTACT PERSONS: Yvonne Petrusma ;

Shop D, 377 Mulgrave Road. Bungalow. CAIRNS QLD 4870

Email: Phone: (07) 4041 7400.

No. Business Comments/Recommendation Responsible Person
1.0 Welcome   Annette Sheppard (Facilitator)
1.1 Apologies As above Yvonne Petrusma
1.2 Additional Agenda items from the floor Nil Attendees
1.3 Introductions Brief introduction of self, role and organisation Attendees
2.0 Presentation

Deferred to a later date

·       Why does your organisation need volunteer?

·       Recruitment and Engagement and

·       How to retain, support, motivate and empower volunteers

Kelli Beardsmore

Yvonne Petrusma

3.0 Pop Ups – Update

Information to be circulated as it becomes available

Pop Up mini VExpo – Showcase your organisation

·       Shopping centres

·       Participate in Expos

·       Markets

·       FNQVI to include brochures from members at Information Days e.g. JCU

·       School Promotion -attendees keen to use this forum to promote their organisation to younger people.

Yvonne Petrusma
4.0 Risk Assessment

Risk Matrix exercise

Interactive discussion

§  Risk Matrix

§  Safety of volunteers

§  What does this mean?

§  What are the risks?

§  What risks are generic – common to all organisations?

§  What risks would be organisation specific?

§  How do we embed safety as a critical issue in the minds of our volunteers?

§  Why is this important for your organisation?

Annette Sheppard
6.0 Volunteer Management –

Certificate 1V in Coordination of Volunteer Programs


Postponed due to a lack of response


Annette Sheppard
7.0 Take Home message from the meeting by attendees


Risk management is a critical part of the day to day operations of any organisation Annette Sheppard
6.0 Next meeting Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019

Time: 10.00am

Venue: Cairns Disaster Management Centre

61-79 Windarra St Woree


7.0 Meeting closed



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