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Notice to Members of 2019 AGM


Volunteer Coordinators and Managers Network Meeting (VCMNM)

Date: 27th Nov 2018 -10 am ARC Cafe

Attendees: Mihi Harema-TAFE, Carolyn Gertig-Cairns Libraries, Kellie Beadsmore-Couch, Natalee Thorne-Maxima, Sarah Dart-ARC Disabilities, Raelene Perkins-Leukaemia Foundation, Dana Delmont-Zonta, Liz Jorgensen-Pyjama Foundation, Alex Daly-Community Foods, Nakura Maretu-Simiona-The Smith Family, Donna McCulloch-The Smith Family;
Annette Sheppard, Oni Vuniyaro, Judi Draper and Yvonne Pertusma – FNQVI

Apologies: Mandy White-Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre, Michelle Phillips- Mercy Place, Alison Worrell- Senior Citizens

1.0 FNQVI- program for the next year and brief summary of what in particular FNQVI has to offer its membership

1.1 Volunteer promotion -How do we promote volunteering in the community?

  • VExpo feedback – beginning of the year ascertain how best to roll out.
  • In the lead up to VExpo conduct 3 mini pop up VExpo opportunities- shopping centres including one in the tablelands
  • Increase social media profile using outcomes and impact of volunteering in the community.
  • For Action– Kim to discuss with her social media contact. Nat to talk with volunteer to assist.

January meeting– Social media workshop

February meeting– VExpo roll out

1.1 Resources

  • What does each organisation require – please feedback to FNQVI
  • FNQVI to share existing resources
  • Case Studies

2.0 Training

  • Governance- suggestion to add on to each meeting earmark a governance perspective for discussion generic profile to be placed on-line for access to organisations
  • Risk Assessment-anecdotal situation to ascertain risk- discuss issues from organisations as they arise
  • Skills Development-Capacity Building

3.0 Workshops- Timelines to be decided to be delivered by Network participants

  • Dana- Emotional intelligence mental health and self- care
  • Yvonne-Cultural Awareness
  • Yvonne/Kellie-How to engage retain volunteers/How do we support, motivate and empower volunteers/Raise awareness volunteer needs/Coaching how do we help volunteers to do what they are passionate about
  • Interview techniques and conflict resolution to cross over all workshops

4.0 Cert IV in Volunteer Management – Volunteering Queensland

  • No Price dependent on participants
  • EOI to be sent directly to Volunteering Queensland or through FNQVI
  • Oni to enquire of Volunteering Queensland when they are able to deliver the training

5.0 Volunteer Awards

  • Suggestion to have a community volunteer award-Good Samaritan Award also a Regional Volunteer Award
  • Acknowledgement of member organisations
  • Industry sector awards
  • Use awards to market organisation strategic plan

Suggestion to hold a Volunteer Conference

  • One day- Gathering people together from the region. FNQVI covers Cardwell to the tablelands. Targeting organisations to be held on a weekday.
  • Use 2019 VExpo to feed into a possible conference 2020 what would organisations like to see delivered. Continue to build capacity- angle to grow organisation strategic planning.
  • Possibility to segue awards as part of conference – May National Volunteers Week

Next Meeting Tuesday 22nd January 10.00am

Venue TBA



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