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DATE: 22 JANUARY TIME: 10.00am LOCATION: Cairns Library (City)

ATTENDEES: Kelli Beardsmore-Couch, Michelle Phillips-Mercy Place, Anne Riley-STEPS, Patricia Thomas-St Margarets Anglican Church, Channika Tweedle- FNQ Wildlife Rescue, Melissa McQuillan-Cairns Museum, Chrissy Gilewicz- Pt Douglas Neighbourhood Centre, Mihi Harema-AMEP TAFE, Lynn Cropp- Cairns Little Theatre, Liz Jorgensen- The Pyjama Foundation, Leanne Bartlett-Graham-Animal Care for Seniors at Home
Annette Sheppard, Yvonne Petrusma, Oni Vuniyaro, Cindy Rogers, Sandra Bolin – FNQVI

APOLOGIES: Christine Hofman –Story Dogs, Leukaemia Foundation- Raelene Perkins, Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre-Prue Rhueben, Frog Safe-Deborah Pergolottie, Sarah Dart- ARC Disability Services, Alex Daly- Community Foods, Michael Woodward- COUCH

1.0      Welcome – Annette Sheppard (Facilitator)

1.1      Attendees – Brief introduction of self, role and organisation

1.2      Apologies – Yvonne Petrusma

1.3      No Additional Agenda items from the floor

2.0      Social Media Workshop      Social Media Presentation

Kim gave an overview of use of social media. It was an inspiring presentation offering tips on how to use social media focusing on Facebook and Instagram and the importance of it being a social place.  Community and collaboration being key factors to increase our organisations visibility in the social media sphere.


3.0      Pop Up mini VExpo – Showcase your organisation

  • Shopping centres
  • Participate in Expos Markets
  • FNQVI to include brochures from members at Information Days e.g. JCU
  • School Promotion -attendees keen to use this forum to promote their organisation to younger people.  
    • Yvonne Petrusma to develop EOI to send to membership, and contact suitable venues for Pop Up.
    • Annette Sheppard to arrange for flyers at FNQVI for optimum promotion

4.0      Skills Development  Capacity Building Workshop next VCNM
            – Kelli Beardsmore and Yvonne Petrusma to arrange

  • How to engage/retain volunteers.
  • How do we support, motivate and empower volunteers

5.0      Risk Assessment – Annette Sheppard to develop

  • Organisations discussed the importance of including risk Assessment in their Induction Process Support through supervision
  • larger organisations volunteers to access Employee Assistance Program
  • Range of ‘risks’ for organisations e.g.
  • Financial management/funding
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Importance of the induction process

6.0      Volunteer Management       Certificate 1V in Coordination of Volunteer Programs Proposed to be delivered in Cairns.

  • 4 face to face 2 day Sessions
  • April, May, July and August.
  • EOI to be sent to Volunteering Queensland by March 1st
  • For more information please refer to Volunteering Queensland website


  • VQ have notified FNQVI that due to a lack of registrations the proposed training will be cancelled
  • Many organisations and individuals have expressed a need for the training
  • Registrations have not been forthcoming
  • URGENT responses needed to salvage this training  – Oni Vuniyaro to arrange

7.0      Take Home message from the meeting by attendees

  • Importance of the Hashtag
  • Talk with Social media people in their organisation
  • Increase reach and engagement through social media
  • Emotional support for volunteers – including RUOK Day

6.0      Next meeting Date: Tuesday 26 February 2019  

Time: 10.00am

Venue: TAFE Cairns campus, G Block, room G210 – Yvonne Petrusma to arrange

7.0      Meeting closed 11.30am

Thank-you to all those who attended. 🙂


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