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FNQ Volunteers Inc. Publications

Publications on this page are produced by FNQ Volunteers Inc. These resources have been developed for use by the whole of community. However any reference to the publications used in research papers or other publications should acknowledge the source by using citations within the body of an assignment and a reference list.

Valuing Community VolunteeringValuing Volunteering Booklet
Published in 2010 and launched during National Volunteer Week, this publication acknowledges how individuals from multiculutal and Indigenous communities within the Cairns region choose to participate and connect to community through volunteering. An Australian Government funded project through the Volunteer Management Program (VMP).
Culture ConnectionsCulture Connections
Released in 2010, this resource contains cultural protocols and guidelines for the larger and emerging communities in the Cairns region including Fijian, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian and Torres Strait Islands. The cultural protocols were developed by members of these communities to provide an understanding of preferred communication styles, non-verbal behaviours, community values and meeting etiquette. An Australian Government funded project with the assistance of ITEC Employment.Brochures on volunteering in different languages can be found here.
Q150 Volunteers past present and futureVolunteers – past, present and future
Published in 2009 and launched during National Volunteer Week, this publication presents a snapshot on the history of volunteering in the Far North Queensland region through the experiences and stories of volunteers, as well as a review of historical information found in local historical centres and literature. A Queensland Government Q150 Community Funding Program funded project.
Community Event PlanningCfC Analysis of Disability Support Groups Booklet – 2nd Edition
Published in 2008, this resource is a Research Paper on an analysis of disabilty support groups within Cairns South Communities . A Communities for Children (CfC) funded project in partnership with Mission Australia and Cairns South CfC Community Partners.

Links to Websites

Volunteers and Tax
Find out more about any reimbursements for expenses incurred in your volunteering activities where organizations participate in reimbursements for their volunteers.

Dept. of Social Security (formerly FaHCSIA page)
This links to the now known Department of Social Security. Volunteering comes under Communities and Vulnerable People.

QLD Government
Find out about Queensland Government initiatives that support volunteers and volunteering.

Aon Insurance
Aon has been working together with Volunteering Australia for over 20 years and together have developed an insurance product called Volunteers Vitalpack – a comprehensive, cost effective insurance cover for all organisations involving volunteers.

Philanthrophy Australia
Philanthropy Australia is the national peak body for philanthropy and is a not-for-profit membership organisation. Visit the website for further information on the community of philanthropy, resource and networking tools.

An online technology provider for not-for-profit organisations DonorTec provides donated software and hardware from companies such as Microsoft and Cisco to eligible Australian non profit groups with Income Tax Exempt.

Our Community is a world-leading social enterprise that provides advice and tools for Australia’s 600,000 community groups and schools, and practical linkages between the community sector and the general public, business and government. The website provides access to a host of free resources and a monthly newsletter and an Easy Grants Newsletter available through a paid subscription.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
The PM&C principal function is to provide high, quality policy advice to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet on matters that are at the forefront of public and government administration, including domestic and international affairs.

Volunteer Grants

Volunteer Grants 2013 provided funding to purchase small equipment items to assist volunteers, contribute towards reimbursement of fuel costs, including transport costs incurred by volunteers with disability who are unable to drive, and training courses and background screening checks for volunteers. Funding to support volunteers and encourage volunteering (previously available through the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)) is now available through the Department of Social Services Grants page.

The new grant arrangements include:

  • new grant programmes that better reflect the way community services are delivered
  • longer term grant agreements where appropriate, to offer certainty in service delivery
  • a move towards a single grant agreement for each provider to reduce administrative burden
  • a new and streamlined approach to programme performance reporting which is mutually beneficial
  • simplified financial acquittal reporting to cut down on administrative costs for providers
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