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Referral Appointment


A referral appointment must be made through the reception desk.

For Expressions of Interest (EoI) (processed via our website) we will try to contact you by phone after receiving your EoI.

Volunteers can also ring reception on (07) 4041 4700 to make the appointment.


Yes. All volunteers wanting to participate in volunteering with our member and community organisations should make an appointment where recommended to do so.

This applies also to volunteers referred from Job Search Agencies (JSAs).

There are, however, some events in the community where the point of contact is with the organisation.


  • Face-to-face interview
    This is an opportunity for our referral officers to meet with volunteers in a private setting in our office to discuss your volunteer needs. A face-to-face interview allows the referral officer to see who you are and it is always helpful putting a face to a name. The same function applies for you to see who you are dealing with us as an organisation.
  • Phone interview
    This is an interview conducted over the phone for those volunteers in neighbouring towns where it is considered too far to travel for the interview. Other circumstances also may allow having a phone interview.

FNQ Volunteers has preference for conducting face-to-face interviews so that your referral officer knows who you are.



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