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FNQ Volunteers Inc. strives to act with the highest integrity and offer the best possible service to volunteers, organisations and all people who access the Centre’s services. To provide the highest standard of service to all of its stakeholders, from time to time FNQ Volunteers Inc. needs to collect personal information. It is therefore important that individuals are confident that their personal information entrusted to FNQ Volunteers Inc. is treated with the appropriate degree of privacy. Personal information is any information from which an individual’s identity can be reasonably determined.

Why FNQ Volunteers Inc. collects personal information?

Collecting personal information is essential to delivering a quality service to FNQ Volunteers Inc. clients and customers. This includes being able to make appropriate matches between potential volunteers and organisations or events and provide a quality improved Training and Community Education programme. If FNQ Volunteers Inc. does not collect personal information, it is unable to provide effective referral and training services as well as support and manage its own volunteer staff.

How FNQ Volunteers Inc. collects personal information?

Potential service users and/or course participants are asked to complete an application in a number of ways. These include the Internet, phone or face-to-face interviews. Course participant’s enrolment details and course assessment data is also collected and stored in accordance with FNQ Volunteers Inc. Training & Education Unit’s ‘Records Policy’. Personal information collected by FNQ Volunteers Inc. would always be done with the individual’s consent and where possible this would be in writing.

Personal information is not disclosed to any other person or group other than FNQ Volunteers Inc. unless the individual has consented in writing except where required by law. From time to time, FNQ Volunteers Inc. may update individual’s personal information. This would be done by contacting the individual or when the individual contacts FNQ Volunteers Inc. to make any changes or update their personal information.

How FNQ Volunteers Inc. secures personal information?

The protection of personal information is a priority to FNQ Volunteers Inc. All reasonable precautions to safeguard personal information from misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure are taken.

When personal information is no longer required or out of date, it is deleted from FNQ Volunteers Inc. systems, and or securely destroyed. Hard copy records of personal information are kept in FNQ Volunteers Inc. filing systems and or on a computer database.

Individuals may request access to any information that FNQ Volunteers Inc. holds about that individual.
FNQ Volunteers Inc. may need to make contact with an individual who has accessed a service provided by FNQ Volunteers Inc. for the purpose of follow-up, evaluation or further business with that individual. The nature of any further contact with FNQ Volunteers Inc. will always be subject to agreement from the individual.

FNQ Volunteers Inc. Privacy policy and procedures will be constantly reviewed and updated in accordance to any changes in the law.

An individual has the right to complain about a breach of privacy by lodging their concern or complaint with FNQ Volunteers Inc. If there is no satisfactory outcome the individual can contact the Federal Privacy Commissioner on phone 1300 363 992 or write to Director of Complaints, Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner, GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2000


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