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Membership Type D

Corporate – $275.00 FREE

  • Full pro-active Volunteer Referral Service with unlimited number of volunteer referrals and volunteer positions listed for a single organisation location with 4 or more registered local branches
  • Individualised volunteer recruitment for specific projects and access to Corporate Volunteer Employee programmes
  • Volunteer positions listed on Volunteering Australia web site “Go Volunteer”
  • Assistance with recruiting, motivating, maintaining and recognition of volunteers
  • Concessions on training and services
  • Access to consultation and support on volunteer management issues and practices
  • Access to FNQ Volunteers Inc. Volunteer Cordinators and Managers Network meetings
  • Access to statistics, research and current trends on volunteering – local, national and international
  • Access to, and use of, National Standards on volunteer management practices
  • Links to National Volunteer Week and International Volunteers day (5th December) activities and events
  • Regular mail outs on volunteering events & issues
  • Publicity for your volunteer programmes including community announcements in the media
  • Constitutional voting rights

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