8 National Volunteer Standards

  1. LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT: The governing body and senior employees lead and promote a positive culture towards volunteering and implement.
  1. COMMITMENT TO VOLUNTEER INVOLVEMENT: Commitment to volunteer involvement is set out through vision, planning and resourcing, and supports the organisation’s strategic direction.
  1. VOLUNTEER ROLES: Volunteers are engaged in meaningful roles which contribute to the organisation’s purpose, goals and objectives.
  1. RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION: Volunteer recruitment and selection strategies are planned, consistent and meet the needs of the organisation and volunteers.
  1. SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT: Volunteers understand their roles and gain the knowledge, skills and feedback needed to safely and effectively carry out their duties.
  1. WORKPLACE SAFETY AND WELLBEING: The health, safety and wellbeing of volunteers is protected in the workplace.
  1. VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION: Volunteer contribution, value and impact is understood, appreciated and acknowledged.
  1. QUALITY MANAGEMENT AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Effective volunteer involvement results from a system of good practice, review and continuous improvement.

Further details of these standards can be found at Volunteer Australia website.

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