Our Members

Volunteers play a pivotal role in driving the social and economic progress of Far North Queensland. Since 1999, FNQ Volunteers Inc. has been championing volunteer involvement through our robust Volunteer Management Program.

For not-for-profit organisations, seeking membership with FNQ Volunteers Inc. is a clear affirmation of the value they place on involving volunteers in their mission.

Our members represent a wide spectrum of community organisations, spanning community, health, disability support, elderly care, childcare, youth mentoring, emergency response, the arts, environment, animal welfare, and tourism.

Every prospective volunteer undergoes an interview to ensure the perfect match for their skills and interests.

Become a Member

Active Member

To qualify for Active Membership with FNQVI and receive volunteer referrals, an organisation must demonstrate that it:

  • Is a not-for-profit entity with Incorporation status
  • Holds both public liability and volunteer personal accident insurance
  • Commits to adhere to the Code of Practice for Organisations Engaging Volunteer Staff
  • Employs a Volunteer Manager/Coordinator or designates a dedicated person to coordinate and support volunteers

Associate Member

To become an Associate Member who does not engage volunteers:

  • Be an NGO or Network Service provider
  • Complete an expression of interest form below

EOI Membership Application Form

For all enquiries regarding membership with FNQ Volunteers Inc, please enter your details below so that we can contact you to discuss further.

Membership Benefits

Cost-effective Engagement

Membership of FNQVI is entirely FREE for participating organisations, making it a cost-effective way to enhance your volunteer engagement efforts.


Tailored Recruitment Support

Volunteer involving organisations can leverage our comprehensive volunteer placement service. We pre-vet prospective volunteers to ensure they’re a good fit for your organisation.


Amplified Visibility: As a member, you gain access to our volunteer promotion events, including:

VEXPO Annual Volunteer Expo: Held on the last Sunday of June or July at TANKS Arts Centre Market Day, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your organisation to over 600 visitors and 30 other organisations. Networking, volunteer recruiting and a great day of entertainment as well. Free for members.

National Volunteer Week Symposium: A one-day event featuring a Keynote Speaker and Facilitator, along with workshops relevant to volunteering. It’s a chance to connect with other volunteer-involving organisations and stay updated on current trends in the volunteering landscape.

Volunteers of the Year Awards: Presented during National Volunteer Week, these awards include categories such as Long Term Volunteer, Emerging Volunteer, Arts & Culture, Sport & Recreation, Health & Community Wellbeing, and the Environment. This is an occasion to shine a spotlight on your volunteers and acknowledge their outstanding contributions.

Mini EXPO Popups: These are set up in high-traffic areas like shopping centres and various community events, providing yet another opportunity to showcase your organisation.


Professional Development and Networking        

Engage in Volunteer Coordinator/Managers Network Meetings designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking among professionals in the field.

By becoming a member of FNQVI, you open doors to a range of valuable resources and opportunities, allowing you to effectively engage volunteers and advance your mission.

National Volunteer Standards

Explore the 8 National Volunteer Standards here.

Rights and Responsibilities

FNQ Volunteers Inc. emphasises the importance of understanding rights and responsibilities for both volunteers and members. Volunteers are an invaluable asset to any community organisation, contributing without financial gain. While monetary compensation may not be in play, volunteers can expect other forms of recognition for their dedication.

Volunteers commit to specific roles and responsibilities and, in return, are entitled to certain rights.

Code of Practice

FNQ Volunteers Inc. adheres to the Code of Practice established by Volunteering Australia, developed in consultation with volunteer-involving Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Volunteer Centres. This Code aims to enrich the volunteer experience while ensuring compliance with legislation.