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Volunteers throughout Far North Queensland contribute in many ways to the social and economic growth of the region. Since 1999 FNQ Volunteers Inc. has supported the involvement of volunteers through our Volunteer Management Programme. A not for profit organisation’s interest in Membership with FNQ Volunteers Inc. is an acknowledgment of the value placed on involving volunteers in the organisation.

Our Members cover a broad range of community organisations within the region from the following six sectors:

  • Environmental
  • Arts
  • Community Services and Welfare
  • Health
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Community Safety

To be eligible for membership with FNQVI, an organisation needs to demonstrate that it is:

  • A not for profit organisation with Incorporation status
  • Has both public liability and volunteer personal accident insurance
  • Agrees to comply with the Code of Practice for Organisations Involving Volunteer Staff
  • Has a Volunteer Manager/Coordinator or dedicated person to coordinate and support volunteers

If you are interested in membership with FNQ Volunteers Inc., please call us on (07) 4041 7400 or email us at

FNQ Volunteers Membership Brochure

Membership Types

There are 4 types of Membership:

A. Full membership with unlimited volunteer referrals for a single organisation location or a single organisation with up to 3 registered local branches. Learn more
B. Full membership with no volunteer referrals for a single organisation location or individual. Learn more
C. Associate membership no volunteer referrals for a single organisation location or individual. Learn more
D. Corporate membership for a single organisation location with 4 or more registered local branches. Learn more

Membership Forms

Membership Application

FNQ Volunteers Inc. (FNQVI) seeks to fulfill its mission to support Members and the whole of the Far North Queensland Volunteering Sector by offering a Membership Sponsorship Scheme. Financial assistance may be provided to eligible individuals or organisations to ensure equitable and affordable access to FNQVI programmes, services and resources.

Eligibility for Sponsorship varies and is assessed on individual organisation’s basis of need. FNQ Volunteers Inc. invites Applications for Sponsorship with regard to membership and training programmes. All applications will be at the discretion of the Service Coordinator in consultation with the Board of FNQVI.

Please contact FNQ Volunteers Inc. on (07) 4041 7400 or email for further information on membership or assistance to complete Membership Forms.

FNQ Volunteers Membership Expression of Interest Application

Membership – Information Kit

Membership – Application Form

Membership – Update / Renewal Form


National Volunteer Standards

There are 8 National Volunteer Standards available here

Rights and Responsibilities

Any individual who wishes to volunteer should be aware of their rights & responsibilities as a volunteer. FNQ Volunteers Inc. advises all clients of their rights and responsibilities.

Volunteers are a vital resource in any community organisation. Volunteering is about freedom of choice to work without monetary reward. However, volunteers can expect other rewards such as recognition for the work they do.

The volunteer contracts to perform a specific job with certain responsibilities and in return is entitled to certain rights.

Both the volunteer and the organisation have obligations to each other. Volunteer Rights and Volunteer Checklist.

Code of Practice

FNQ Volunteers Inc. works with the Code of Practice developed by Volunteering Australia through consultation with volunteer involving Non-Government Organisation’s (NGO’s) and Volunteer Centres. The Code of Practice seeks to enhance the volunteers’ experience and comply with legislation and duty of care.

Model Code of Practice

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