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Job Active Provider Referral Form

Referral Guidelines

PART A – To be completed by a Job Active Provider referring a Job Seeker for Volunteering.
  1. To arrange an appointment for a Job Seeker with a Volunteer Referral Officer contact FNQ Volunteers on 4041 7400.
  2. To refer a potential Job Seeker for volunteering, please complete this form and submit it prior to the appointment date.
  3. Provide a copy to the Job Seeker to bring to the appointment at FNQ Volunteers.
  4. Where possible, a copy of the Job Seeker’s resume is required for the appointment with a Volunteer Referral Officer and can be uploaded and submitted with this form.
  5. If the Job Seeker you refer is referred to a volunteer position, you will be notified of the outcome if you have indicated this below.

PART A: Job Active Provider Information

Job Active Provider Name: *
Address: *
Suburb: *
Postcode: *
Email Address: *
Telephone Number: *
Fax Number:
Contact Person (Case Manager): *
Date of Referral: *
I wish to be notified of the outcome of the Job Seeker's appointment: *
Preferred method of contact for Job Seeker follow up: *

PART B – To be completed by the Job Active Provider and Job Seeker

Job Seeker Name: *
Job Seeker's Telephone Number: *
Job Seeker's Email Address (if relevant):
Appointment Date with FNQ Volunteers (if known):
Appointment Time with FNQ Volunteers:
Mutual Obligation Hours (leave blank if not applicable):
Upload your resume (2GB max.):

Please read the following statement:
Clicking the submit button verifies that the Job Seeker gives permission for the Job Active Provider to send their details to FNQ Volunteers for the purpose of referral.
I have read the above statement: *
Enter code (if code isn't showing click the re-generation wheel):
Type of volunteer position the participant is interested in: *

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