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CARMA Multicultural Festival 2017 – 19 Aug 2017


Survey Feedback Report From
FNQ Volunteers Inc.

Preliminary Note: In 2016 FNQ Volunteers only surveyed approximately 61 attendees. This year we were fortunate to be able to survey 99 attendees. The results of the categories are as below:

Survey Population:
38 attendees (38%) were males and 61 (62%) were female. Hereunder this will be referred to as the population.

Survey Age Groups:
70% of the population indicated that they are 45 years old or under, whereas the other 30% were over the age of 45. This may indicate that more young people were at the event, but because everyone was not surveyed it is no real indication of the age groups who attended. Personal observation indicated that a lot of family groups were present throughout the day, and there were also lots of young children accompanying adults.

Language Breakdown:
54% (53 people) of the population indicated that they only speak English. 46% (46 people) indicated they speak a different language at home.

Of this differing language at home group, 9 people were from PNG – this appears to have been the major foreign language category. The remaining languages were scattered sparsely amongst French, Fijian, German, Portuguese and other individual languages from Asia/Pacific Islands.

Event Attendees:
Several of the population indicated they had attended more than 5 events. This would make them outliers above the average of the surveyed population.

41 attendees (41%) indicated they had only attended one event, whereas the remaining percentage (59%) had attended more than one event: min 2, max 15.

Cultural Learning and Discovery:
55 people surveyed experienced cultural learning; while 51 people surveyed experienced cultural discovery. There is clearly a small intersection of these two groups.
4 people surveyed (14%) left OTHER comments

Survey Satisfaction:
3% of the population indicated a neutral satisfaction experience.
64% were very satisfied with the event, while 33% indicated satisfaction with the event.

Comment offered by surveyed attendees:

  • Great atmosphere
  • Very interesting
  • Very entertaining
  • Attended events only in PNG
  • Music, food & venue
  • Food
  • Unifying events
  • Food & Music
  • Music, dancing and stalls
  • Performances
  • More gov. funding. Food & cultural performances
  • Good show of all cultures
  • Music
  • Food
  • Dancing & Food
  • Food
  • Multiculture
  • Diversity
  • Fashion
  • I like the whole idea. Good seeing different cultures
  • People, food and fashion
  • Fun, dressing up in different culture & food
  • Over all really good
  • Elements missing T/S &Aboriginal, more provinces of PNG
  • Dancing
  • To encourage and educate people I am well-travelled
  • Try fantastic food. Meet great people
  • Diversity appreciated
  • Meeting people
  • Friendly people
  • All of it
  • Best yet
  • Food & learnt other things, Lots of events I learnt from
  • Entertainment, stalls and people
  • Costumes
  • Nice people; Respect very good
  • Lots of events to come
  • To see more European. Nice to see plenty of people, Friendly
  • Great music
  • Dancing & food
  • Diversity entertainment food
  • Multicultures getting together
  • Food, Music, Place
  • Difficult to bring all the cultures for the event
  • Seating in shade is good
  • Just like to go to cultural events
  • it’s a great day for the family to learn about other cultures
  • More info about the tourist info centres – Surprised about the number of cultural groups here in cairns.
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