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CARMA & The Tropical Wave Festival

Through association with the Cairns and Regional Multi-cultural Association (CARMA), FNQ Volunteers Inc. was asked this year (2015) to contribute the organisation of a “festival attendee feedback survey”, and collate the results. About 10 volunteers from FNQVI, and VPG participated in gathering the feedback. Thanks to those volunteers who put their hands up to gather this information for the community. The afternoon was a little quiet, but gathered pace and vitality into the evening.

The survey population was 50; nearly all obtained during the afternoon of 19 September 2015 through a simple 8 question “tick the box” style survey, with room for comments.

  • 40% of those surveyed were male; 60% were female
  • 62% of those surveyed spoke English as their main language; 44% of those surveyed spoke another language as their main language
  • Survey participants fell into the following age groups:
    • 18-25: 20%; 26-35: 14%; 36-45: 20%; 46-55: 12%; 56-65: 20%; >65: 14%
  • 100% of those surveyed indicated enhanced appreciation for Queensland’s cultural diversity, while 68% indicated they had attended other cultural event
  • No attendees indicated they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied, while:
    • 48% were very satisfied
    • 50% were satisfied
    • 2% were neutral
  • 10% indicated some degree of none satisfaction and left comments
  • For good features of the event:
    • 72% experienced cultural learning
    • 21% experienced cultural discovery

Comments returned were mainly positive with attendees enjoying the food, dancing, cultural costumes and seeing so many happy people and children. Some comments indicated that more covered spaces and more seating was required, while some others felt the event needed to be better advertised within all sections of the media.

Below are some images of multi-cultural dance groups from the Tropical Wave Festival.

Fijian Dance Group
CARMA Tropical Wave Festival Maori Dancers 19 Sept 2015 Lge









Chinese Dance Group

CARMA Tropical Wave Festival Chinese Dancers 19 Sept 2015 Lge

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