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Age Limits & Insurance

Age limits for volunteering are important because they establish the age groups that insurance companies and underwriters will provide for the insured organisations.

FNQ Volunteers Inc. has insurances to cover age ranges ? to ?


FNQ Volunteers Members Insurance

FNQ Volunteers Inc. requires insurances for its member organisations; both Public Liability and Volunteers Personal Accident Insurance.

These member policies may have many differing age limits. Please check with FNQ Volunteers to ensure that your age, as a volunteer, is within the required age limit.


Non-Member Organisation Age Limits

There are many community organisations that obtain volunteers outside external to FNQ Volunteers. These organisations have their own websites which usually state the age limits that volunteers must fall within.


Volunteering for Younger Students and Teenagers

Please check with the organisation / organisation’s website to determine if your age falls within their requirements.

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