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FNQ Volunteers – Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

Please read the following statements:

I acknowledge I have been through the referral process for a/several volunteer position/s with FNQ Volunteers Inc.

FNQ Volunteers will use the below information for research, statistical analysis & DSS reporting & will communicate with the Australian Government statistical results from the answers provided.
Statistical results compiled from these answers may also appear in the FNQVI Newsletter, and on the FNQVI Website.

I give my permission for FNQ Volunteers to use the below answers for this purpose. My name and contact details will be excluded from the results process, and only used to contact me for follow-up purposes.

Name: *
To your best recollection - Date Interviewed? *
Age Group: *
E-mail: *
Best Phone Contact Number: *
Do you identify with any of these groups? (CALD=Culturally & Linguistically Diverse) *
Have you previously participated in Voluntary Work that was organised for you by one of FNQ Volunteer's Member Organisations? *

Upon entering FNQVI office for the first time, were you treated in a professional, friendly manner? *
Were you interviewed on-time? *
Were you satisfied with the information provided? *
Were you satisfied with the choice of positions (referrals) offered? *
Did you accept the referrals? *
Were you satisfied with the explanation of the "post referral procedure" re your volunteer organisation? *
Have you had any follow-up from either your volunteer organisation, or a referral officer from FNQ Volunteers? *
Overall, were you satisfied the referral interview? *

Have you read our newsletter? *
Was the content useful? *
Was the content interesting? *

WEBSITE (www.fnqvolunteers.org.au):
Have you made use of the Website? *
Was it easy to find information about volunteer positions? *

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